I'm a staff reporter with the Wellington Advertiser producing journalism on anything and everything in Wellington County. You can find my latest reporting here and find recent and past reporting here.

My photography has appeared on The Guardian and in Briarpatch magazine.

In the past, I've paid the bills freelancing, mowing lawns, selling computers, refereeing, turning wrenches, being a rent-a-cop, working in a lab, driving forklifts, stamping metal, throwing garbage bags, sorting chicken innards, managing employees, and (unsuccessfully) dodging vomit.

I'm a member of the Canadian Association of Journalists and the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists. 

I value privacy and informed consent.


If you have a sensitive story tip, documents, are concerned with protecting your identity, etc... you can contact me in a more secure way with ProtonMail here or with end-to-end encryption on Signal using this number: 226-449-9705.


For end-to-end encryption of communications, you must be using Protonmail and/or Signal yourself. If you're confused, the internet has plenty of good resources on both of these communication methods and more.

If you are considering becoming a source of information, these are some things to consider applicable to anyone. (From Survivors Against SESTA, found on Samantha Cole's website, adapted from the Red Umbrella Project.)